Research-Creation and Social Justice


Big Time, Small Actions: Responding to Anthropocene Discourse
12:00 pm12:00

Big Time, Small Actions: Responding to Anthropocene Discourse

A colloquium featuring the works-in-progress of students from two University of Alberta courses, “Art in the Anthropocene” (ARTH 456/556) and “Decolonizing Anthropocene Discourse” (SOC 403/580), who are exploring various questions in relation to what has been termed ‘the anthropocene’. Working in the space between art, performance, and sociology, students will share their various questions, discoveries and creations through a series of short presentations followed by a discussion led by Dr. Natalie Loveless and Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea. 

New Maternalisms: Redux
Jun 4

New Maternalisms: Redux

  • FAB Gallery, 1-1 Fine Arts Building

New Maternalisms Redux is the third and last in the New Maternalisms exhibition series (following Toronto 2012 and Santiago 2014). It features five artists drawn from the first two exhibitions: Lenka Clayton, Jess Dobkin, Alejandra Herrera, Courtney Kessel, & Jill Miller.

Researching Research-Creation
Feb 28

Researching Research-Creation

The Researching Research-Creation symposium investigates various configurations of research-creation, practice-led research, practice-based research, and/or artistic research in the context of the development of doctoral programs for artist-scholars.

The Research-Creation Symposium is sponsored by the Canada Research Chair in Design Studies, and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study, the Department of Art and Design, and Arts Based Research Studio at the University of Alberta.