Research-Creation and Social Justice



The Research-­Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory (phase 2 of the Research-Creation Working Group, 2013-2015) brings together key researchers at the University of Alberta with national and international affiliates interested in developing a critical discourse of research-creation attuned to social justice. We aim to position the University of Alberta as a leader in social-justice related research-creation innovation in Western Canada through the development of robust interdisciplinary collaboration across faculties.

Our 2016-2019 research theme is: Art(s) and the Anthropocene.

Central questions organizing this theme are:

  1. how does debate on the Anthropocene (and related though not equivalent concerns with climate change) shift how one engages in meaningful arts practice and theory today? 
  2. how might a non-­human exceptionalist/multi-­species approach to our environment offer a particularly potent way forward in the face of anthropogenic climate change +  how do the insights of feminist, decolonial, and critical disability studies reshape Anthropocene discourse?
  3. what can research-­creation, as an epistemological and methodological intervention into traditional scholarly research practices, contribute to these debates within and without the academy?

The CoLAB currently links researchers from the faculties of Arts, Education, Physical Education, Native Studies, and Faculté St. Jean at the University of Alberta, and from Concordia University, York University, Emily Carr University, the University of New South Wales. If you are interested in affiliating with the CoLAB please do not hesitate to contact us.


The COLAB is funded by the Kule institute for advanced study, with support from the department of art and design at the university of alberta.



Research-­Creation and
Social Justice CoLABoratory

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