Research-Creation and Social Justice

Pedagogy: Natalie Loveless

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ART H 456/556: Sustainability and Ephemerality in Contemporary Art

James Lovelock, known for having co-created the Gaia hypothesis with Lynn Margulis, was recently quoted as saying that “saving the planet is a foolish, romantic extravagance.” This course will examine how perspectives such as Lovelock's reorient artistic production in the 21st century, with particular attention to debate surrounding the so-called ‘anthropocene.’ The anthropocene, as a political term, has increasingly found itself at the center of contemporary discourse in the arts, with numerous books, exhibitions, articles and journals devoted to it. Readings will examine contemporary debates surrounding anthropogenic climate change and the impact of such debates on art practice and scholarship. Students will be expected to engage with the course “research-creationally” – bringing scholarly attention to arts practice and artistic attention to academic scholarship. 

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This course was last taught Fall 2016 and is next scheduled for Winter 2017.