Research-Creation and Social Justice

Pedagogy: Diane Conrad

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EDSE 613: Participatory Research

Participatory Research (PR) is a new paradigm approach to doing community-based research viewed as a means of producing knowledge as well as a tool for education, the raising of consciousness, mobilization for action and for the amplification of perspectives from the margins. Grounded in a participatory worldview, PR is concerned with developing practical knowing for human purposes. By bringing together action and reflection, theory and practice, and community engagement, PR produces practical and reflective knowledge, which helps people to name their world and so to change their world. Themes to be addressed include: definitions of PR, its history and related new paradigm methodologies (feminist, critical, indigenous, arts-based), a new paradigm/participatory worldview. We will reflect upon considerations for doing PR: identifying community needs, community engagement, the roles of researchers and participants, ethical considerations and challenges. We will look at research as activism, possible arts-based methods, the researcher’s social location through autoethnography, and consider strategies for research interpretation, dissemination and assessment. Examples of participatory research projects will be explored. 

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Later Event: January 9
EDSE 612: Arts-based Research