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Reading Discussion of "Materializing Climate Change: Images of Exposure, States of Exception"

Join the CoLAB on Friday, December 7 (3-5pm) to investigate the theme of “Materializing Climate Change”.

This meeting will feature a reading of Dr. Nicole Shukin’s 2015 article “Materializing Climate Change: Image of Exposure, States of Exception”, followed by a discussion of how both artistic and scientific representations might be mobilized in order to produce moving, material images of the historical crisis of climate change. 

How might we materialize climate change through visual research, and what role might such visualizations play in influencing broader actions (or lack thereof)? What are both the potentials AND limitations of such research? 

As always, this gathering is open to all and will be a chance to informally discuss the difficult problematic of visualizing/materializing climate change given the various crises of representation characteristic of academic research today. 

Date: Friday, December 7, 2018
Location: CoLAB Space - 3-91 Fine Arts Building, UofA


Listen to a Read & Record of Shukin’s article through the Just Powers podcast!