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Energy Imaginaries + The Perfect Storm: Energy Transition Game

On behalf of the Social Justice + Research-Creation CoLABoratory (CoLAB) in partnership with the Intermedia Research Studio and the Space and Culture Research Group, we are excited to invite you to an interactive workshop that will explore energy imaginaries!

This event will feature a test-run of the Perfect Storm: Feminist Energy Transition role-playing game, developed by Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea. The Perfect Storm game enables players to explore the cultural and class politics of energy transition in Canada, while also providing an opportunity to examine gamification as an instrument of spectacular participation. How might you prevent a ‘perfect storm’ of ongoing climate change events through energy transition politics and policy? 

When: Friday, October 26, 1-4 PM
Where: Arts-Based Research Studio, University of Alberta, Education Building North, 4-104

For a primer on energy transition, check out the Just Powers podcast! The first iteration of the podcast features a series of ‘Read & Records’ (or ‘R&Rs’) that highlight scholarly work by feminist and decolonial scholars in relation to ecological issues. The links below feature work related specifically to energy transition:

Energy Imaginaries Poster