Research-Creation and Social Justice


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Big Time, Small Actions: Responding to Anthropocene Discourse

Location: University Senate Chamber, 326 Arts and Convocation Hall
Free and Open to All

In his 2014 lecture at the French Institute in London, Bruno Latour asked “what do we do when questions are too big for everybody, and especially when they are much too grand for the writer, that is, for myself?” Positioning himself between arts and politics, Latour responds to this question by calling for a shift from symbolic and metaphorical definitions of human action to more literal ones. Taking Latour’s call seriously, this colloquium will feature the works-in-progress of students from two University of Alberta courses, “Art in the Anthropocene” (ARTH 456/556) and “Decolonizing Anthropocene Discourse” (SOC 403/580), who are exploring various questions in relation to what has been termed ‘the anthropocene’. Working in the space between art, performance, and sociology, students will share their various questions, discoveries and creations through a series of short presentations, which will then be followed by a discussion led by Dr. Natalie Loveless and Dr. Sourayan Mookerjea. 

This event is presented with support from the Intermedia Research Studio and the Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory.